A will is the most commonly-used instrument of estate planning. Your will can also serve as a foundation for a comprehensive estate plan, offering security and peace of mind to your loved ones. 

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There are a variety of different trusts that can be used as part of your estate plan. Trusts can help you control costs, avoid probate, and provide for the long-term needs of your beneficiaries.

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Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are used to appoint a trusted person to make financial and/or health care decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot make them for yourself.

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DuPage County Estate Planning Lawyer


We plan for parties. We plan for weddings. We plan for our vacations. We are obsessed with financial planning. Why don’t we plan for death? Why don’t we plan for long-term illness? We are all living longer, with more health issues than ever before, but we don’t plan for the possibility of incapacitation.

It is estimated that only about half of all Americans have a will. And what’s worse, fewer than half have any kind of plan for their future healthcare decisions. Many believe they do not need an estate plan if they have limited assets. But if you fail to have an effective and enforceable plan in place, you will not be the one making critical future decisions regarding your healthcare, assets and children. For the most part, these decisions will be left to the courts, and there is no guarantee that your wishes will be adhered to.

Michael V. LoCicero, Attorney at Law can help put together the estate plan that is right for you. Our DuPage County estate planning lawyer takes the time to understand exactly what you want and develop a plan that addresses your needs. Whether you just need a simple will, living will, Power of Attorney, or trust, he can advise you on the best vehicle(s) and the best strategies to ensure that your future healthcare decisions are specified, your minor children are taken care of and your assets are passed on to the next generation with minimal tax liability.


Wills and Trusts in DuPage County and Cook County


Wills: Wouldn’t you rather decide who gets your hard earned property at your death? Do you really want Illinois law to give your assets to long lost cousin Ed? Do you want your hated Uncle Fred to be the administrator of your estate? Do you really want otherwise avoidable estate costs to be assessed against your estate, depleting what you leave for your loved ones? Wouldn’t you rather limit the court costs and attorneys fees that may deplete those assets? Everyone needs a will! Don't die without one. Click here and find out more.

Trusts: Do you really want your estate to be probated in court and deplete the assets you worked hard to accumulate all of your life? Do you want the nature and extent of all your assets to be a matter of public record for all to see? Wouldn’t you rather avoid court and unnecessary fees and costs? Wouldn’t you rather create lifetime protections for yourself and not just a plan at time of your death? Then consider creating a Living Trust.

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Powers of Attorney


Power of Attorney for Property: Are you worried that you may become ill and become incapacitated, unable to pay your bills and handle your affairs? Do you want the delay and extra costs of a court proceeding to be filed before those accumulated funds can be used to pay your bills and costs for your medical care? Wouldn’t you rather personally select the person to do this for you until you regain your health? Then consider creating a Power of Attorney for Property.

Power of Attorney for Health Care: Are you worried that you may become ill and become incapacitated, unable to make your own health care decisions? Do you really want to be placed on life support? Are you worried that some undesirable family member will determine the nature and extent of the medical care you will receive? Then consider creating a Power of Attorney for Health Care.

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